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For any organization, data is a key asset. Paper documents increase clutter and managing them is tedious and expensive, taking up a lot of time and resources.  To provide their employees with the information they need to perform their tasks, data streamlined to ensure better workflow. Important documents must be preserved in formats that can be easily accessed and shared. With businesses and other organizations moving from a paper-based environment to a computerized world, digitizing of information with data entry and forms processing has taken center stage.

Data entry involves inserting raw data in to appropriate data fields of data base by manual keyboard typing where as forms processing extracting information from printed document or handwritten document to a data base system by using optical character recognition (OCR) tools and data validation routines. Business organizations that rely on data entry services include:
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Market research firms
  • Law firms
  • Engineering and manufacturing firms
  • Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and family practices
  • Real estate firms
  • Government agencies and other organizations

Comprehensive Data Management Services

Data processing tasks is best done by professionals who specialize in  the task and can ensure top accuracy in custom turnaround time. Data entry and forms processing services are available to capture, digitize and process input data such as web forms, fax, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. It’s important to partner with an established service provider that is well-equipped with a team of experts working with the latest software/hardware tools to ensure efficiency.

When it comes to data entry, you can get help for processing both electronic and printed data. For electronic data, professionals use latest conversion tools for converting electronic data to another digital format of your choice. For the data in printed format, advanced scanning services are available to convert it into digital format. The output goes through a three-level quality check to ensure it is error-free.

Data entry services are provided for:

  • Catalogues/manuals
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Insurance claims/patient records
  • Mailing lists
  • Directories/Yellow pages
  • Feedback/Customer satisfaction cards
  • Dictionaries/Encyclopedias
  • Application/survey/research forms
  • Aperture cards

Software tools such as OCR and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) software are used to provide faster, more accurate and more efficient results than keystroke data entry. OCR retrieves important information and formats it for reusability.  Forms processing services are available for:

  • Product registration forms
  • Subscription/application forms
  • Order forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Credit card applications
  • Airway/shipping documents
  • University registration forms
  • Competition slips/prize draw slips
  • Employee evaluation
  • Accounting/vouchers

Documents can also be converted to various electronic formats to improve usability.
Services are available convert HTML to PDF, convert HTML to XML, and convert PDF to EXCEL.

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