Why You Need To Convert PDF to ePub Format

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) developed the ePub standard for books and other publications in digital or eBook format. Epub helps writers and publishing houses to publish their work online.

However, a lot of digitized information is in PDF format. Files and documents in the PDF format are compatible with all existing desktop browsers. With the entry of smartphones, tablets and eBook readers, accessing the Internet on these devices has become commonplace, especially with people who are always on the move. But though PDF can preserve the exact layout of the print version of a book, on mobile devices this can be a limitation. With PDF, the user would have to zoom and pan back and forth to see everything on the page. This is where ePub has the advantage.

EPub files can reflow to fill your screen instead of adhering to a strict layout style.  EPub format is compatible with most smartphones and eBook readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook. For instance, on the Sony Reader, PDF can be read directly, but the font size, text color, and more cannot be adjusted.  The best way to read PDF on Sony Reader is to convert PDF to ePub format. A professional document conversion company can provide efficient ePub conversion services.

Benefits of Utilizing PDF to ePub Conversion Services

A reliable service provider can provide PDF to Epub conversion service with the following features:

  • Customization of output font color, background color, and more
  • Batch conversion of PDF eBooks to epub each time
  • Quick conversion

If you are a publisher who wants to expand you reach to the mobile internet market, it is necessary to digitize your publications. Books, magazines, and journals should be converted from PDF to ePub. Rather managing an in-house team for PDF to ePub conversion tasks, ideal option is to outsource the work to a company that has the expertise and technology to provide quality output in minimal turnaround time. Besides excellent results, outsourcing ePub conversion services to the right service provider can offer benefits such as:

·         ePub documents ready for distribution
·         Services in fast turnaround time
·         Multilevel quality control
·         Stringent data security
·         Customer support and technical assistance round-the-clock
·         Free information and general guidance on conversion PDF to ePub
·         Competitive pricing with savings of 30% to 40%

Reliable PDF to EPub Conversion Services

An established document conversion service provider would have a team of experienced conversion specialists and quality analysts as well as advanced technology to convert PDF to ePub format and other conversion tasks.  To select the right outsourcing company, browse online for client feedback, reviews and comments. Many companies provide a free trial to help you evaluate their services.

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  1. Wow that a great news for authors and as well as for readers too. PDF to ePub Conversion is the need of time, as PDF now seems to be out of fashion, but still PDF are great convenient to read but ePub are more in demand.


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