ePub Conversion for Multiple Devices

ePub allows you to publish an eBook in different formats such as Amazon Kindle format, iPad format, Sony Reader format, iPhone Stanza format, and many more. It is a standard open eBook format by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). ePub document is a globally accepted formatting option for eBooks of all categories, and shapes. ePub conversion services rendered by top document conversion companies give you the following:
  • Easier book delivery options
  • Improved reader experience
  • Get rid of the hindrances of converting physical books to digital formats
Devices Supporting ePub Conversion Services
eBooks created in ePub formats are accessible across a range of popular e-reader devices:
  • Sony Reader: Sony Reader is an easy to use, popular electronic publication device that allows reading digital publications of all formats such as EPUB, RSS, JPEGs, LRF, RTF, and TXT. Major features of Sony Readers include:
    • Accessibility features – Content and index navigation, reading order and more
    • Multimedia options – audio, visual and interactive features
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Reader: Most reliable ePub document conversion firms will have experts in converting eBook to Nook format. Supported file formats includes PDF and PNG.
  • Kindle: Kindle eBooks normally come with .KF8 or .AZW format. High end technologies are used by document conversion companies to eliminate the complexities of converting Kindle to ePub files. Kindle allows you to listen to your Kindle books read aloud through the speakers or through headphones.
  • Mobipocket: Efficient conversion of .MOBI to ePub can preserve original text, images, layout and tables intact in the output. This flexible, secure, cross-platform file format is complaint with Javascript, OEB, SQL, and XHTML.
  • iPad/iPhone: Apple’s iPad and iPhone accepts standard ePub format for all digital publications. Compatible formats include Adobe InDesign, HTML, XML, QuarkXPress, PDF, and MS Word.
  • Kobo Reader: Kobo, another electronic reading device supports ePub and PDF format files.  Kobo supports the following file formats:
    • Books: EPUB, PDF and MOBI
    • Text: TXT, HTML and RTF
    • Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF
    • Documents: PDF
    • Comic Books: CBZ and CBR
Easy managing of files can also be achieved if we convert ePub files into a PDF format.  The PDF format is supported by tablets, modern eBook readers and Smartphone.
Well-established document conversion company with good credentials provide you benefits such as free trial services, 99% accuracy, quick turn around time, round the clock customer service, affordable costs with savings of 30% to 40%, three level quality checks, customized formatting, stringent data security and more.

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